Project Management to Success
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"Whether leading a football club and all its infrastructure or leading an executive business, human skills are quite similar.”
Mike Carson, “The Manager: inside the minds of football’s leaders.”
We identify goals, define the means and plan strategies.
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We organize the resources, structure the process, establish the method and train the professionals.
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"We define the objectives, the actions to be developed and the methodology to implement them"
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Raising resources

- Management and advice to professional athletes.
- Sponsorships and investment identification.
- Sports marketing.
Preparing for the future

- Sports and academic program in Spain.
- Language and sport immersion programs in USA.
- Academic and sports scholarships management in US Universities.
Brand Positioning

- Internationalization strategies design.
- Foreign promotion projects development.
- International sporting events organization.
"Managing football is no different than being an executive where you have to balance the needs of multiple parties: investors, shareholders, committers, customers, consumers and stakeholders in general"
Mike Carson, "The Manager: inside the minds of football's leaders".
"A coach is no better for their results or for style, model or identity. What has value is the depth of the project, the arguments that support it, the development of the idea."
(Marcelo Bielsa)
In May 2004, the World Health Assembly endorsed resolution WHA57.17: Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health (RAFS), and recommended Member States to develop national action plans and policies to increase levels of physical activity of their population.
(World Health Assembly, Geneva, 17-22 May 2004. Resolutions and decisions, annexes, Geneva, WHO, 2004)